Move-in & Move-out Checklists

We Take the Stress Out of Moving

Moving into a new property or leaving your former home can be a challenging endeavor. We strive to make it as seamless as possible for our tenants by providing comprehensive move-in and move-out checklists. Use these helpful guidelines to ensure you address all of your responsibilities and don't forfeit your security deposit.

Move-in Checklist

We're beyond excited to have you as a tenant at Orange Tree Property Management. Before moving in to your home, please note the following keys:

    Your first month's rent, along with your security deposit, is due at the lease signing. 

    We will schedule your move-in date at the lease signing. A full inspection of the property will be conducted, and our team will carefully note the condition of the home. You are liable for any damage that occurs during your tenancy. Failure to resolve such problems could result in a deduction from your security deposit.

    Please remember, all utilities must be placed in your name. We recommend contacting the utility companies at least three days before moving into the home. For detailed information on your local providers, please speak to a member of our team. 

Move-out Checklist

We're sorry to see you leave. Before you vacate your home, please address the following issues:

    It's important to note that all of our leases are full a full twelve months, unless otherwise specified. If you wish to break your lease and vacate your property, please refer to the terms and conditions in the lease document. You will also need to provide us with written proof of your intent to vacate.

    Your property must be returned to the same condition in which you originally rented it. Please address any damage that occurred within the home during your stay. If you have specific problems that need a professional's assistance, please speak to a member of our team. 

    We strive to return security deposits as quickly as possible after tenants vacate their homes. Please note, this deposit may be used to cover any of the following: 

    Property Damage (beyond normal wear-and-tear)
    Interior Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning

    Outstanding Balances

    Additional money owed to our firm will be invoiced accordingly. Failure to pay the balance may result in your bill being turned over to collections.